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OWNO Girl [08 Nov 2006|07:35am]
[ mood | bored ]

My eyes hurt...because it's far too early for me to be up. My arm hurts from playing guirar for hours last night at practice, my legs hurt from falling down the basement stairs, and my chest hurts from coughing. Why, oh why, can't I go back to sleep?

The up-north trip went really well. :) My stepmother and my father absolutely loved Rob, so the weekend thankfully was smooth. It was nice for Bobby so he could relax after 19 days at work, double shift, in a row.

Anyone vote yesterday? I decided that I wasn't informed enough on any of the proposals or candidates to articulate an intellegent vote. That means I was too busy/lazy to go do it, because I don't give a fuck anyway.

For the past two nights, the guys have come over to practice and have told Bob that they wanted me to practice too. So, for the past two day's while he's been at work, I've been busting my ass, learning every single cover and original song that they do, so that Monday night and last night, I really impressed Kid and Jimmy I think, and hopefully...well, I don't want to hope out loud, but maybe someday I can be more than just a special guest. Probably farfetched, but hey, I guess I can dream.

By the way, they've got a gig....They're (me too hopefully) gonna play a gig at Barnstormers on Wednesday, November 22. I think it's some sort of Thanksgiving Bash, but it's a big deal I guess, with a full bar and what not. Please come! Tickets are gonna be on sale ASAP for $20 or less, so BUY ONE and come keep me company...

I've had this same fucking cold in my chest for like two weeks now and Im really getting sick of it. :( All I do is cough, and my voice has sounded like an old woman's for far too long. No matter what I do, I can't shake it. I spent all of last week in a haze, hopped up on every kind of cold med I could find, but it only served to seriously impair my short term memory. Bah.

Goin to the movies tonight. Dad and Bob are going to see Saw III, and I've been invited. I want to go just so I don't get left out, but I really really don't want to go see that movie so If there's anyone out there who would like to meet me at the theater tonight and save my ass, let me know!

Other than that, I'm going to go attempt to stick pipe cleaners down my bronchial tubes. If I look like a really bad christmas ornament later, you'll know why......peace.

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.wake.up.call. [02 Nov 2006|03:24pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

So, Bobby came home from work last night and went straight to bed at about 6. Slept through until 6 this morning, because he was so tired. I, on the other hand, stayed up insanely late and watched A&E, lit up a doobie or two and surfed the net. At 8:30 this friggen morrning, Jimmy, the band's new drummer, is whispering "hey, hey Sari...hey, wake up!" from the doorway of the bedroom.

At that same time in my subconcious, Jimmy, Bobby, Kid and I were all piling into Jimmy's car at Kid's house to escape terrorists, who somehow needed to take out their anger on the ghetto of Brighton. Jimmy was talking to me from the driver's seat, and then

he was in my doorway first thing this morning wanting to jam a little and smoke a little before he went to bed. OMFG.

It doesn't help that I've got bronchitis again, and I can't sleep because my wheezing keeps me awake. So I'm dead tired, and I look it. I went to work to pick up my paycheck looking so red eyed, I bet they thought I smoked about a garbage bag of hash before I went there. But I didn't. Just dog - sick. Bah. And tomorrow we go up north to my dad's, and it's a FUCKING BLIZZARD outside right now.

*cough weeeeeeeze sputter sputter cough choke*

And the puppy, who was peacefully asleep next to me on the bed just farted. It's got to be him, because he woke himself up and is staring at his butt with a really confused look. Wow, there is still levity. *cough*

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.cold.medicine. [01 Nov 2006|11:23am]
[ mood | horny ]

Nasal Decongestant, cough supressant, pain relief, headache relief. relief from cleaning the house? Aw hell no. But the first four really count, and when taken in excess, can turn any non-drowsy pill into the next narcotic addictive sleeping pill. *yawns* I got fed up this morning when I woke up and couldnt breathe again (bronchitis...again), so I walked over next door to Rob's mom's house, and raided the medicine cabinet. The woman must run a CVS or a Walgreen's or something, because she had EVERYTHING. Couldn't decide what to take and every box looked the same, so I took two of everything, and some pepto to boot. Feelin' kinda noodle-y right now but other than that...So how was everyone's halloween? I must apologize to anyone who tried to get ahold of me last night: Rob's been working for over two weeks straight, and double shifts on the weekend. Last night they kept him for another double shift, making him miss Halloween. When he got home, he had my cold, and I sent him straight to bed because he had to be up at 3 a.m. to work again. Weird hours, but anyway, I ended up going to bed with him because I was so sick, and that was somewhere around 7:30, so I'm sorry everyone.:(  I got up at one this morning with him because he just coudn't sleep anymore. We had middle-of-the-night lovemaking and ate snacks in bed until he had to get up to go. It was nice, but sad to see him go so early. It was like someone turned the heat button on my bed to "off", which sucked. Stretching out across the entire bed and not having to worry about it; priceless.

So for weeks I've wanted coffee, but couldn't afford it. Rob brought me home coffee, which I preceded to put in my little "coffee" labeled canister, only to discover that I had coffee all this time, and didn't know it. I feel like a doof....

Went to Necto Monday night for the first time. I met a lot of nice people, but I don't know if the Industrial club scene is really for me. About a year ago: yea, definately my jam, but now I'd just rather sit in a comfy old bar (like Drinks Saloon in Brownstown) and have a beer. I had Rob pick out my clothes for me to wear, which was pretty cool actually. He's got good taste. So, with me in a black skin tight shirt with holes cut in it, a camo miniskirt, and kneehigh leather boots, I was definately feeling like part of a crowd. My friends Robin and Matt from work were there, so that was fun. Robin was absolutely gorgeous in a costume that she picked up in Flint, and mad had a long black and red velvet cape. :) Bre showed up just as we were leavin', so we decided to stay a while more after she showed up. I met this guy named Ryan who was pretty cute and very polite; this guy named Panda who gives the most wonderful backscratches and hugs, this guy named Yoda who was just really happy; a bunch of really big black bouncer guys that turned out to be teddy bears in disguise; Brett and Cody Bartrum, two guys that work there that I used to hang out with a lot in middle school that lived down the street from me; and Stoner! I was so happy to see my stoner there, and we finally exchanged numbers and stuff, and blah blah. It was fun, I guess, and they were playing a lot of good music. Robin and I had fun on the pole :) Rob had fun watching. Oh yea! We also ran into one of Rob's ex girls, which was definately an experience. Apparently he dumped her for whatever reason or not, but she was just like almost every other goth girl there: massively overweight wearing a corset that would be tight on me, and lots of black makeup. All fat goth girls look exactly alike, that's sad. Bre was hot though, definately loving the new hairstyle. I hope you keep that one honey, it looks so hot!

Anyway, beyond that, I've reached day # 3 of being laid off. I'm bored. I don't like to sleep in but I do anyway. Something is wrong with our huge stereo and I have to fix it, and the puppy chewed my Y cable so I can't hook my comp up to it anyway. And we're two days away from going to my dads. This oughta be a treat. :)  Ciao~

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.Night.Owl. [30 Oct 2006|10:36am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So, it's officially the first day of my lay off, and I haven't even gotten out of bed yet. It's 11:00, Bobby's been to work for four hours now, and if I try really hard, I can still feel where the warmth of him laying next to me is. Or something like that. Naturally, this is the only beaufiful day we're going to have for probably the rest of the year, and I'm sick with a fucking head cold. It's not so much the fact that I'm miserable, it's just so annoying...

Poor Bobby crashed out at 8:00 last night, which is an all-time low, I think. And he's been doing it every night, because he's so tired from work. They've had him working every day for the past two weeks, and 12 hour shifts on the weekends. He's pooped, and hasn't done much of anything except work. It's good for him though, I think. He's feeling really good about himself and happy to be making a shit load of extra money. Yesterday, he excitedly told me that instead of Pizza Hut for breadsticks on Sari N Rob Thursday, he want's to take me somewhere really nice. OOOOOHHHHHH. This oughta be fun. ^^

Today, when he get's home from work, we're going to carve pumpkins together. He surprised me by bringing a couple really big ones home for us, knowing that I haven't carved pumpkins for years. The other night, he told me that this year, I was going to get the first real christmas I've ever had, the way christmas was supposed to be, surrounded by a family that loves me and a boyfriend and best friend that would always be here to take care of me. He was holding me to his chest when he said that, but I think he might have had tears in his eyes when he said that to me. I know it was one of the single most thoughtful things anyone's ever said. I've found the perfect man. ^^

After we carve pumpkins today, we're gonna go out to a great crab dinner with his parents and grandma, and then probably go out to the club or something. I've finally talked him into going, and a couple gals I know from work who have been begging me to go are gonna be there, so a couple hours out of my night wont hurt. :)

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.I.Got.Laid. ...(off) [28 Oct 2006|11:13am]
[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone. Again, a huge amount of space has elapsed since my last update, so i suppose I'd better relate to y'all the terms and conditions of why I'm still kickin'. But first!...a glimpse of recent events as I see it:

  • Michigan is in ruins; the economy is worst in the nation. So is our unemployment rate, our welfare rate, and our real estate values. In addition to that:
  • We (Michigan are home to the Big Three: General Motors, Ford, and Daimler Chrysler. All three are near bankrupt, Ford especially. They just cut over 75,000 jobs and shut down a bunch of plants including my boyfriend's father's plant. The plant that I work for, Tribar, does work for all three companies, and we're so slow now because vehicle sales are at a record low, that myself and 20 other people got laid off yesterday. So I'll be adding to that unemployment rate.
  • We had a little pick-me-up this last few weeks: The Tigers (formerly known as the Detroit Kittnes since the demise of the team after the 1968 World Series Champions) have gone to the World Series. And lost. Everyone in Detroit probably jumped off of the Ambassador Bridge to Windsor last night in a fit of suicidal rage. Thankfully, I don't live in detroit.
  • Bush ok'd it for Illegal Immigrants to come into the country, do jobs like I was being paid nicely to do at half the price, and then send all that money out of the country to their million kids across the border, sinking our country financially.
  • The suffering automakers continue to make huge SUV's, leaving the owners with a choice: fill their tanks or relieve the national debt.
Beyond that, Rob's birthday party last Friday night was a hit; a ton of our friends came over. He also had a lot of presents from us, good food, and an awesome guitar shaped birthday cake from moi. We've spent the entire week together, him and I. He's been super tired lately because his job's required him to work every day for the past two weeks without one off. I've had fun taking care of him and making sure he gets all the rest he needs. Next weekend, he wont have to work, and we're going up to Traverse City to visit my father for the weekend. Being laid off is going to be pretty cool for a while, basically because I'm still getting paid and I'm guaranteed a call back to work when the load picks up, so I'm going to concentrate on "Fall Cleaning" with the house, guitar, and working with the puppy, who is getting bigger every day. He's the cutest darn pitbull ever, and now he's looking at me, contemplating whether or not to tell me he's got to go potty or go by himself - on the living room rug in front of jimmy's drums. Hmm, looks like I'd better go. I'll talk to you all later -

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.return.of.the.sari. [16 Oct 2006|10:19pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

It's been a long past couple of weeks, so please forgive my absence. Here's some highlights :

  • In order to obtain a much higher management position that shells out $16 bones an hour with my own private office, I have to undergo a trial period working as a machine operator to gain experience of the hands-on process of the plastic injection moulding technique. It sucks. The same two dudes that fired Rob are on me like shit on velcro, and are making my life a living hell. I haven't given in, but it's getting hard. Problem is, I can't do anything about it because anyone that fucks with those two assholes gets canned. So I'm stuck gritting my teeth and jamming to System really fuckin' loud.
  • The weekend before last, we had a pretty good sized party here, including such local celebs as My Friend Matt Who Used To Live Next To Me At The Shitty Apartment, his girl, a couple of people from work, Sideshow Jimbo, Kid, and I think a few others wandered in and out at some point...in either case, I discovered the beauty of a Jager Bomb that night. I was promptly forcefed 7 beers, then preceeded on to 5 Jager Bombs, 3 shots of Whiskey, 3 shots of Bacardi, 2 shots of straight Jager, and 3 shots of Bacardi O. Within 2 hours. And I'm about 100 lbs soaking wet. Yea-hea, I was cooked. I ended up playing guitar, dropped on my head from "Jim-E Height" (about  6'5"), got my ass kicked in Euchre, kicked some ass in Hold Em', and still managed to get laid. ^ ^
  • Tristan The Douchebag had left the legacy that is OWNO. Thank fucking God. We were all getting sick of his bellyaching, and I've never seen Rob more relaxed. Problem, he went and changed the password to update the website, Ownorock.com, and wouldn't give it to me, when I'm the goddamn webmaster. That's ok, being that he is no longer a part of OWNO, he's playing with a copyright lawsuit because the band's name and website was trademarked to the current members of the band and the website, and he belongs in neither category. Heh, fight fire with fire, I suppose. And Sideshow Jimbo is the band's new (old) drummer, and they'll be playing their first gig at a Halloween party in Whitmore on Sweetest Day. AND they're letting me play my set with them again, now that "Tristhtan Traffphord" isn't around. Rock On,
  • This Friday is Bob's 22nd birthday, and I'm having a huge party for him. I'm going to call it then "Sorta Surprise Birthday For Bob Because I Think He Might Suspect Im Going To Do Something Over The Top" which of course I am, he just doesn't know the half of it. :)
  • It snowed a few days ago. We had a few inches. A. Few. Fucking. Inches. Of. SNOW. On. My. Goddamn. Car. First. Goddamn. Thing. In. The. Morning. Not a fan.
  • Was supposed to go to the club tonight with a few friends from work, but a) Bob didn't wanna go b)The boys ended up jamming a little and c) Riley went to the vet tonight to get his last Puppy-Shot. And we have puppy class tomorrow night, yippies.
Beyond that, not a lot has been happening. Got a nifty new shotglass from the Hard Rock Cafe in Minneappolis. Came in handy the other night. Yesterday, Bobby and I took Riley to Kensington MetroPark to enjoy the beautiful fall weather on a great Sunday afternoon. Got lost in the woods where we promptly wandered around for 2 hours, while Riley chased a gaggle of wild turkeys. He wasn't afraid of water at all, and everyone cooed at him and told him how cute he was. Bob and I smiled at eacher like proud parents yesterday. ^ ^  I took Friday off as a personal day, so I could get my shopping done. I have to get cake supplies, because I'm making Bobby a Marble cake in the shape of his guitar, and then I have to drive to Lansing to get his gift. Thank God he's letting me use his truck. If I have time, I'm going to decorate the diningroom in black and red crepe paper and balloons, and have the house and his truck all cleaned. I'm so going all out, because my baby deserves it. ^ ^

Anywho, the boys just got done playing and Bobby went to get us some snacks and soda, so Imma go get off here and make myself sall sexy before he returns. I hope everyone has a good night!

And Bre, of course you're one of my interests. You have been for....how many years now?

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.p.e.r.f.e.c.t..w.e.e.k.e.n.d. [01 Oct 2006|10:25pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

This weekend was great. The week itself was hard though.

From standing out in the drizzle all last Friday night at the Frampton concert, and then roaming around a chilly Detroit on Sunday, Bob and I both came down with bad colds. After I began coughing up nothing but blood, Bob got worried and took me to the hospital. Again. Luckily, this time, they let me come home.  I had bronchitis borderlining on pnemonia, so Bob brought me home, made me go right to bed, and cooked dinner and filled my perscriptions for me. He's such a find. ^^ Now, we're both finally starting to get better, though it's been a long road.

For some reason, the auto industry in America has slowed down so much that my shop suddenly decided to shut down for two days, this past Thursday and Friday, so I ended up with a 4 day weekend. Not that I wanted one - naturally, us machine operators aren't paid for the time off, so my paycheck next week is going to SUCK. I enjoyed the time off best I could though, spending time with the puppy and cleaning our house. :) It was strangely relaxing, working my ass off in another way :) We went out to dinner at Mongolian BBQ and then got really fuckin' tanked. Plus me and Bob made amazing love that Friday night, so I guess it all paid off....^^

Saturday was our 6 month anniversary. We had a perfect day, we hung out with josh a bit in the early afternoon, and ended up going to Wal-Mart for shoping, and then to the outlet mall. I got yself a great new leather jacket from Wilson's that I absolutely adore, and Bob said it looked good on me, so let's hear it for the brownie points. :) We drove around a lot, spent a lot of time just talking and softly kissing each other. It really was a perfect day, and at the end of it, we got our asses kicked in euchre by his parents, and then went and got Josh and got kinda wasted. :)

Today was the most perfect autumn day. It was so sunny and beautiful, and tolerably warm but with the autumn chill still laced in the air. It was great! We drove around much of the day, went to Guitar Center for a bit, jammed with Cliff, and then went out to Garden City for a while. We came home, played with the puppy, had visitors, and now we're sitting here unwinding with a little Pink Floyd, thinking about killing the rest of this 5th of Captain Morgain Tattoo. ^^ Tha't's a Sari version of a perfect weekend anyway...

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.catching.up. [24 Sep 2006|09:41pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

There has been a turmoil of events lately, and I haven't found the time to make myself very avaliable to anyone, I'm sorry. I've had to sort a few things out. Don't worry, nothing with me and Bob! And I'm still alive, and still with a job. However...

My job position got cut. Lucky me, I live outta Detroit Motorcity, and I work for the auto industry, which is going bankrupt anywhere but Japan. So my company needs to cut costs, and thus cut my menial position. However, my boss, Bob Bretz, was nice to realize that I really needed to keep my job, and didn't want to settle for unemployment, so he offered me to come back on as a machine operator, for a couple of months. I agreed, and that's what I've been doing this past week, which is why I've rarely been on here. No air conditioned/heated office, leather chair, all the post-its I could dream of, and the internet. Nope, it's hot plastic and bitchy old people for me. Yay. Nice thing is, I only took a dollar pay cut, and I'm still making more than the average 20 year old, by far. Also, when business picks up again, I get to be promoted to a nifty new position they're training me for: Quality Technician/Supervisor. Fuckin bully for me. :) 17 bucks an hour, hells yea. Needless to say, Bob's very proud of his girl. :)

Then the band broke up. Everyone's attempts to kiss Tristan's ass didn't pay of - or did, depending on your point of view. He up and left and we all watched him go, then drank a shot to celebrate no more headaches. Jimmy Gheldolf, OWNO's original drummer will be either filling in for now, or joining permanantly again, so we'll see. They've already done one show, and without even practicing, it was so much more energy than Tristan could have ever conjured. It was lovely. :) And then the cops came and busted the party, which was lovely too.

My car is finally legal to drive - again. Hooray.

Friday, we went to the Peter Frampton concert at DTE where we had like 6th row center tickets. It was a great show, me and Bob, Kid, and Gheldolf went and met Mom, Dad, and Grandma there, who had even better tickets.  The best part was the very end, it was the last part of the last solo, and it was thundering some and lightning a little. All of a sudden, during While My Guitar Gently Weeps, there was a huge noice accompanied with a flash, and everything went dark. Then thunder. Then the bass and the drums kept going, and as all the emergency lights came on, we noticed that the entire PA System for DTE was blown out because lightning hit it. That was sweet.

Saturday, we visited my belligerent old mother, went to dinner with Mom, Dad, and Grandma, and had the first official original OWNO practice. :)

Today, we spent the day in Detroit at the Lions game. They lost, but I didn't care because the experience was great; it was my first NFL game. Rob's parents have season tickets right next to the field behind our goalpost, and I love the Packers too so they took me. Will post great pics of me and Bob enjoying the sights in Detroit, and cute Brett Favre ass. :) Went to dinner in Greektown, and had the best chicken ever. Came home, played with puppy. Enjoyed perfect autumn evening sunset together. Aw, shoo. Tomorrow's Monday again. Oh well, getting better at this work thing. I have my own car now and I get to leave work an hour earlier. It's nice. The band will be picking different night's to practice, although Bob has sweetly asked them to keep Thursday's free; Bob says we have special Thursdays, where the time seems to slow down for us instead of speeding up like any other time we get to ourselves. Plus, it was on a Thursday that we first hooked up, so he thinks it's a special day. AND it's payday. Ciao~

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Recent Observations [14 Sep 2006|01:56pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

A few things I've noticed and decided to write about:

 People love to shop online. I think eBay and Craigslist are the new capitalism, and someday all the shopping malls will be turned into gigantic indoor zoos, since all commerce will be carried out online. The only businesses left in operation will be gas stations, since shipping gasoline is just not a great idea, and convenience stores, since people in need of cigarettes, Slim Jims and malt liquor usually can't wait for overnight shipping. Oh, and you probably won't be able to purchase what one Brockton, Mass., man was allegedly trying to sell. According to police, Tyrone Burgo, 20, posted an ad online offering cocaine for sale, and was even helpful enough to include a phone number. Far from appreciating the efforts of this young go-getter, the police arrested him after calling the phone number to arrange a meeting. I would recommend Mr. Burgo file suit for restraint of trade immediately. Granted, the merchandise he was allegedly trying to sell was illegal, but such niceties can easily be stomped into obscurity by a properly trained attorney. 

In other news today...for the past few months, I've stayed quiet. A lot of you alert readers out there have continued to send me snippets here and there about the activities of the Evil Squirrels, but I have a life now and must be careful about angering the Nightmare Union of Terrible Squirrels (N.U.T.S.).

 However, in light of the latest development involving a suicidal squirrel bent on exterminating humans, I must once again break my silence, emerge from my squirrel-proof bunker and stand out in the open.

 You see, the squirrels have begun to abandon their previous tactics of annoying humans, chewing through powerlines, terrifying cats and dogs, shredding window screens and other terrorist acts and have begun carrying out suicide missions intended to take human lives. A woman in Bemidji, Minn., was killed and a man left unconscious when a squirrel got stuck in a propane line in a furnace and filled their home with toxic fumes. This is plainly an escalation on the squirrels' part and must be watched closely. I'll keep an eye on things, and my well-placed spies within the squirrel world will keep me informed.

 Alert Readers around the world have continued to update me on tree rat behavior around the world, and I invite all of you to join their ranks and send your squirrel news and photos to me. :) Thankfully, however, the Evil Squirrels haven't done a thing to halt the weird behavior of we biped sorts, otherwise this would be an awfully short entry. Got Bigfoot in the back yard? Crop circles in the pansies? Drop me a line anytime! Large cash grants and professions of undying love also accepted.

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There Oughta Be A Law [13 Sep 2006|10:37am]
[ mood | horny ]

I'm feeling a little irritable this morning. Here's the result:

Get out your legal pads and sharpen your pencils, students, it's time for Mongo Law 101.

 There are some things around that are annoying me, and following the lead of the Las Vegas City Council, I'm going to make them illegal rather than trying to do anything constructive about them. More on the council shortly.

 First off, we're going to deal with pigeons. I know they're fun to feed, and they make those cute "coo" noises when they settle in bunches, but they have a tendency to roost in the oak tree in my front yard and poop all over my Mustang. Alternately, they roost in the holly tree and poop all over Bob's truck.

Therefore, I am outlawing pigeons. Henceforth, any pigeons caught in my trees will be ticketed and forced to pay stiff fines, and possibly sentenced to community service. Repeat offenders may face the ultimate penalty: plucking.

 Now that the birds are taken care of, let's go to the mall. I am making it illegal for people of either gender who have paunches, love handles or back fat to wear shirts that do not reach the waistband of their pants. People of size need to always be very careful to avoid inflicting the grotesque spectacle of their abdominal bulging upon unsuspecting audiences. I saw someone lose their balance in a food court, and by the time they restored their shirt's structural integrity, they had ruined lunch for six nuns, a Cub Scout troop and a busload of senior citizens on an outing.

 All I'm asking for, OK, legislating, is that I get the same consideration from those fellow flabby folks. Just because your significant other tells you your love handles are sexy, that doesn't mean the rest of us think so. Since most good laws have catchy names, I'm going to call this one the Flab Exhibition Minimization Act. FEMA will address these human disasters with a series of fines, and repeat offenders will be sentenced to sessions with a physical trainer ... or at least home detention with an Ab Lounger.

 Speaking of food courts (pay attention, we're moving pretty fast, here), my next law will be aimed at protecting America's deep fryers from those who would regulate what we put in them, how much we cook in them and what kind of oil we do the cooking in. The Fried Food Liberation Act will make it illegal for any of the underfed, scrawny, shrill-voiced, self-righteous and generally annoying health-nut types to harsh our collective mellows by squawking like trodden chickens every time they see us eating a french fry.

 Fried food is not health food. We understand that. Eating a daily diet of deep-fried delicacies is unlikely to lead to a lengthy AARP membership. Anyone not aware of that fact is probably doing the gene pool a favor by hammering down as many fried mushrooms and jalapeño poppers as they can grab.

 I've always been a fan of creative sentencing, and this law is custom-made for it. First-time violators will be offered the choice of paying a hefty fine or eating 10 Hooters wings. Subsequent violations will result in the addition of further menu items, up to and including an entire Awesome Blossom from Outback Steakhouse.

 And, finally, we're going to do something about television. Specifically, we're going to ban former cast members of any successful sitcom from starring in their own shows for a period of not less than 10 years after the original show's series finale. Yes, I know, "Frasier" was a really funny show, and Kelsey Grammer is one heckuva actor, even in blue fur; but no one can deny that he was by far the exception.

 The era of the spinoff is pretty much over. No longer do we get a fairly entertaining "Laverne and Shirley" spinning off from a "Happy Days." Now we get Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who at her best is about as funny as library paste, in "The New Adventures of Old Christine," which besides having one of the worst titles of all time is physically painful to watch. In lab tests, college students who volunteered to watch the show suffered from painful hives on their buttocks ... at least that was the excuse they all gave for fleeing the screening room halfway through the presentation.

 And I won't even get into "Joey." Rest in peace, Mr. Tribbiani.

 Punishment for any violation of this law will be assignment to appear in no less than three Lifetime Channel original movies. Extreme offenders will be forced to co-star with Leah Thompson and/or Meredith Baxter Birney.

 So, where does all this legislative energy come from? I was inspired by the Las Vegas City Council. The governing body of the city known the world over as a neon-plastered amusement park for adults has decided that it's illegal to feed the homeless. With the passage of a new ordinance (unanimous, I might add), anyone operating a mobile soup kitchen, handing out sandwiches in homeless camps or doing similar good deeds will face a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine and six months in jail.

 Legislating against good deeds is the sort of thing I'd expect in a Vonnegut fantasy. Supposedly, the mobile soup kitchens "attract" homeless to the parks and public spaces. How's that again? Where does it attract them from, their suites at Bellagio?

 City marshals are even getting special training in how to enforce the law. Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, when asked about how the marshals would know a soup kitchen from, say, a vendor handing out samples to tourists said, "Certain truths are self-evident. You know who's homeless."

 I'd like to invite hizzoner to come with me to the shelters in Houston and tell the men and women who shower every day, wear clean if hand-me-down clothes and generally try to keep themselves presentable that he can tell they're homeless. Certainly a lot of homeless people have some serious hygiene issues, but a statement like Goodman's is so far beyond the pale that it ventures into the absurd. 
I can tell who's a buffoon, Mayor Goodman, just like you can tell who's homeless.

Ok, that was my rant. Sorry. Finally got to have some fun last night, and I don't even remember it. Goddamn Tuesdays.

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.*.f a l l i n g*s k y.*. [12 Sep 2006|01:51pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

It has been cloudy/rainy for 4 days now. Everyone is sick because of the change of weather, except for me. I sit back in my leather office chair and watch everyone else around me drop like flies to various influenzas, common colds, and downright misery while I get paid to surf the net and update this thing, telling of their plight and my seemingly healthy visage...

Despite all that, I am in a relatively bubbly mood today. People ask how I am, I reply "carbonated." I was late to work again today, by an hour this time. I didn't remember my car keys sitting on Bobby's dashboard this morning, and when he leaves for work an hour before I do, that leaves me shit outta luck, because I have no spare keys. So I called our friend Jimmy who works at the same place I do. He's one of our best friends, and he was just getting off of work there anyway because he's third shift so he said he'd come and give me a lift. Needless to say, I showed up a little more goofy than I normally would have. I hate driving in the rain anyway.

Yesterday, we relaxed. I got home from work and cooked us dinner, a simple affair of mac n cheese and chocolate ice cream. I worked on OWNO's website for a while, then we went down to Ypsi to give a demo to one of the guys at the Wooden Nickel, a place that I've been telling the guys about for ages. Finally, me and Bob went down there, and nailed us a gig practically anytime we want, because the booking manager there has seen us a couple of times this summer at Barnstormer's. What he actually said was that our band got booked this summer there more than his did, so he was happy we came in. I tried to get a double show with my friend's band that plays up there alot, but he didn't seem too interested. Oh well, bully for us; just means we get a bigger cut of the cover charges and actual bar pay.

After leaving there, I decided to go to the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut express on the other side of town to get some kick ass breadsticks, a place that I used to go to everyday when I lived closeby. When we pulled into the parking lot though, it was like a hobo-crackhead reunion, and they were wandering everywhere all over the parking lot, digging in trashcans and bothering people in their cars as they went through the drive through. I mean, they were everywhere! And when we pulled in, a group of them started meandering our way, and kept coming even though we moved to like, 2 different spots. It was creepy as hell, looked like something out of Dawn of the Dead, the old one, because they were all ragged and tall and skinny, rob zombie facial hair, and they all kinda leaned to the left. And walked very slowly, all of them. It was weird. We settled for McDonalds.

Anyway, today I think I'm just going to go home and relax. I don't know if there's practice today. I think there is, because Emergenza is just a few days away, but Tristan's having his 14th root canal done today, so I hope he feels up to playing.

Oh! And apparently there's a war on manta rays, since the Steve Irwin dude got whacked by one. Australia coast guard is reporting a ton of dead manta rays found on the beach over the past week, all mutilated. They think it's angry or heartbroken fans retaliating against the death of the croc hunter, which is ridiculous because the dude was an animal activist. The last thing he'd want is a bunch of animals tortured in his name. Way to go, media. They've done it again...successfully villianizing a known docile and shy creature that has only fatally stung someone a documented 3 times, making it out like the thing had a vendetta out for Irwin. *smacks forehead*

Oh yea, we rented V for Vendetta. It was pretty damn good, but a little too political, in my eyes.

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.t.r.e.m.b.l.e. [11 Sep 2006|02:12pm]
[ mood | working ]

So this weekend wasn't so bad at all. :) It got a little weird for a while, but I think for once, I handled it well. :)

Friday night they played at Barnstormers. I picked up Josh on my way home from work so Rob could sleep a little bit after he'd gotten home. Since we blew up the OWNO van last week, we took Bob's dad's truck and put everything in that instead. It was easy, because Barnstormers was only about 10 minutes away for us. I don't know what we're going to do this weekend when we go to Detroit again, but we'll see. The show itself went alright. I don't think Bobby was too confident with his voice this time, but he pulled it through. Josh kicks ass with his new 6 string bass and his new amp, and Tristan was playing really great too. I made sure that I stayed in a great mood all night, and even though it made him uncomfortable, I made sure to talk to Tristan, as if nothing ever happened. At first, he blatantly ignored me. I would have been pissed, but I figure life is too short to be mad, so I didn't let it bother me. I think it bothered Rob though, because at somep point (he told me) that he had talked to Tristan and told him how hard I'm trying, and how he couldn't be mad at me forever. After that, he actually talked to me, (voluntarily!) and we actually carried on a conversation by the end of the night. I was so so so happy, I could have hugged him. Thankfully, I held back, because that probably would have done more harm than good, but I still wanted to. It was my own small victory on a night that I wasn't allowed to play, so that made me happy. I ran into about 4 or 5 people there that used to be very close to me that I haven't seen in about 3 years, so that was great, too. :) Then, there was this nasty, pasty looking drunk female that ran onstage TWICE while rob was playing, threw her arms around HIS neck, and said "kiss me, gimmie a kiss!" TWICE! WHILE HE WAS PLAYING! ACK! Thankfully (for Me) he acted completely indifferent, never stopped playing, never looked at her, but told her to get offstage. Some person that she was with told her not to do that again, because "that guy's girlfriend was watching, and it was rude." Hey - I didn't say it. :) I didn't even get pissed. Sure, my hackles rose when I saw some chick throw herself at my boyfriend, but then (lucky for Rob) I realized two things: a) she was drunk as HELL and hanging on EVERYONE there. By everyone, I DO mean EVERYONE. So it didn't bother me as much. And b) He's the most beautiful rockstar ever. :) (to me anyway) I understand that since he's the frontman of a band and he's drop dead gorgeous, women are GOING to be attracted to him. It's just gonna happen. And I need to realize that (lucky for me) he loves me enough that he's not affected by them, and that he "has eyes only for me." And that he's not ever going to advocate their advances. And (lucky for him) if he even think's about it, I'll be waiting for her with an aluminum baseball bat. :)

Anyway, all sarcasm aside, that night we went back to bob's and drank a little. We had Jason (Kid's oldest brother) and his roomate Rhett over, and we had a few beers and watched some TV. At some point, I remember being lifted to bed and cuddled with.

Saturday night's show got cancelled, and weren't exactly heartbroken over it. It was 65 degrees and rainy, so who the hell's gonna sit outside and watch a band? (Me) Who the hell's gonna actually play? (I would've.) Nonetheless, it was miserable out, so me and Bob had fun instead. He took me out to dinner, then we went to get some frozen custard at this new place in Brighton called Jack's. It was great! Then we went grocery shopping, got an oil change for the truck, and rented some movies. At some point, Kid came over, so we called some other people to come up, too, and party a little since the weather sucked outside. Unfortunately, none of those people ended up coming, so me, Kid, and Bob played a little drinking game that never got finished. At some point, (apparently) I passed out on the couch, and slept like a rock. That explains why I woke up with clothes yesterday morning. Hmmph.

Sunday was fun, we went out to breakfast with Kid, and then took him home. After that, Bob and I went next door to the parent's house to let out Riley's brother, Ozzie, since the entire family had gone to the Lion's game down in Detroit. Taking advantage of their absence, Bob and I spent a little "quality" time in the hot tub for a few hours, watching the football game and looking for them in the crowd. Afterwards, we went home and just lazed around for a while, and Bob made us dinner. It was a good day because it was the first day in a couple of weeks that I could take a full breath - and it didn't hurt.

This morning is exactly like the weekend - cold, and drizzly. I feel like crap today, but I'm in a good mood. I'm looking forward to going home, because I want to maybe play a little guitar and work on my studio a bit. Oh yea, one more thing that happened this weekend - we have another kitten! Lucca gave birth to two new little fuzzballs, one of which didn't make it past yesterday. The other seems to be doing well though, a miniature replica of our doofa. Bob is spellbound...and to think, this is the guy who says he didn't want kids? Give it a few years, we'll see. :)

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Now This Is Hilarious~ [08 Sep 2006|12:26pm]
Here's me and Rob's horoscopes for today:

Libra (September 22 - October 22)
Plans for social events to take place in your near neighborhood might have you spending a lot of time on the phone today, dear Libra. Or you might be running around in the car taking care of various errands. This may involve the healing profession in some way. Whatever it is, you feel especially strongly about it. A current or potential love partner might also be involved with your project. Invite this person to dinner. You'll probably like how the evening ends!

Aquarius (January 20 - February 17)
A project initiated by a group with which you're affiliated could keep you very busy today, dear Aquarius. You might have to spend a lot of time on the phone, or running around in the car to libraries, bookstores, etc., obtaining information. A close friend or love partner might choose to accompany you. You're likely to be feeling very strong about whatever you're doing, so expect a gratifying day. Spend the evening with someone you love.

I also had a dream last night that I walked into the garage where all the band equipment (mine too) is, and it was all gone. I noticed that Bob was behind me, and I asked him where it all was, and he said it was packed already. That's all I remember. Odd.

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.i.r.o.n.i.c. [08 Sep 2006|10:56am]
graphiteraven:Why, I can put myself in the hospital! Where I can spend thousands of dollars on my top notch health care, shitty hospital food, an automated bed, ugly nurses, crappy tv channels, and all the fucked up cardiac patients I could ever want to mingle with! What fucking fun!

that was a few days ago, written on here under an entry called .p.u.l.s.e.


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.t.r.i.a.g.e. [08 Sep 2006|09:37am]
[ mood | drained ]

Kinda funny that I called my last entry "Still Breathing", because the next day, that almost came to a halt. 

This morning my car started up just fine, and everyone here at work is happy to see me. There were flowers on my desk when I got here. :)

Tonight is the first show at Barnstormers. Uncle Johnny has heard so much about me and the fact that I play guitar onstage with these guys, he was looking forward to seeing it happen. However, just in the nick of f-ing time, I'm still not allowed to play with them. It still makes me so unbearably sad. Rob really wants me to play too (i think; that's what he said anyway) but he doesn't think the other two want me to. Kid was really worried about me too, I guess, and we went to see him for a bit yesterday and he was really nice to me, just like always. So I don't think he'd have a problem either. It's just Tristan, I guess. Apparently, according to Josh, he's really depressed again, and thinking about leaving the band because he doesn't feel like playing his drums every 5 minutes like he used to. That's sad - I've gotten to that point, and I hope he's not . The worse thing is that my dad and stepmom are coming down from up north to watch me play, because they've never seen me play. I'm just going to be a big disappointment this weekend... :( to myself and to my family. 2nd shift at Tribar is pissed too, because when we play at Barnstormers, they all come down after work to see me play. They said they're not going to see the band anymore if I don't get to play. A couple of other regulars that we have following us around also said that they wont come to see us anymore either. They said that a) two guitars give it a much more fuller sound than just rob having to compensate for the solos and the rhythm, and b) it was really neat that they saw a female effectively playing guitar, adding to the stage show that OWNO creates. There were a lot of people that happened to walk in when I was playing, and thought that I was a full member of the band, instead of a little extra sound and a pair of tits every now and then. When they figured out that I was only appearing for a few songs, they left. Which is sad. A few people have told me that they don't know why they won't let me play full time; they'd make more money with me playing because they'd sound better and there's a set of breasts to look at, too....which left me thinking, gee, thanks guy... but then I thought about it, I realized that he was right. That's how bands make their money: sounding great, putting on a great show, and appeal. People pay attention when something as unexpected as a chick in a low cut shirt with long hair, tattoos, and a Stratocaster is onstage - it's just not something that happened all the time. And the fact that I was only playing rhythm made it seem like I didn't mess up, so people know I'm not just there for appearance and that I actually add an element and depth to whatever song is being played. It kept people's interest. But now I don't even get the few songs that I was allotted, and my stepmom and dad will never get to see me play with a band like they wanted. Oh well...at least they'll get to meet Rob. I guess I should be happy, and stop whining. I have managed to stay happy and cheerful all week, except for when I was scared that the hospital wouldn't let me go home. I can't let him see that this is bothering me this deeply, even though he knows. He's got to. Everytime someone starts talking about the band when I'm around, I kind of go hazy. Blank. I suddenly find something else that interesting to concentrate on, like the frayed ends of my shoelaces, or the bruises on my arms where the nurses gored me with the IV needles...I don't talk. I smile though, but only with my lips. My eyes betray what I'm trying to fake, and threaten to water and overflow. Sometimes I think I can pull it off, Other times I'm sure that he knows, but he hasn't said anything. There's nothing he can do. The poor guy is stuck between a rock and a hard place: he wants so badly for me to play, because he knows how much better they sound and how happy he makes me. at the same time, he's got an obligation to his bandmates to remain professional and productive, and I think that overrides his feelings for me a lot of the time. As it should; they were there first. It still makes me sad though. This is going to be a hard weekend, but I'll still look happy, and actually try to be. I'll do my best, and I'm just going to have to accept that my band days are over before they began, and that's the long and short of it.

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Still Breathing [05 Sep 2006|03:43pm]
[ mood | content ]

Not a bad weekend, I don’t think. Not a bad one at all. In fact, I actually had fun. I think it’s one of the first times I’ve shoveled all the crap piling up in my life aside long enough for me to smile in a few months. I’m glad I let myself have fun; it will be easier now, if not just farther away.
I learned that because of the drama this weekend, I am no longer allowed to play with the band. Musically, my throat’s been cut. It’s done. Over. Nothing made me as happy as to play with those guys. Now it’s been taken away, and I took it for granted. Big double shows this weekend at Barnstormer’s, my favorite place to play besides Drinks. Don’t want to go, but I know I’ll have to. Just when they play Freebird, or Wish You Were Here, or Lonely Day or Brain Damage or Lunatic…I think I’ll lose it then. That or I think I’ll just take the less stressful way and go hide in the bathroom. Maybe I can convince a friend to be there to distract me during that particular set. Or someone with a dry shoulder that wouldn’t mind it soaked. Anyone want the job? Come on…anyone?
Yea, Me either.
Other than being told that, the rest went ok. Saturday was bittersweet: Rob was gone most of the day at a meeting in Detroit with the other two guys to discuss the Emergenza Tour, something they’ll be competing in next week. When he got home, we played a little guitar, but halfway through I lost heart, wondering what the hell was the point that I was practicing songs with him that I’m never going to get to do with them again. Naturally, I was playing just to play and have someone to play with, but as depressed as I was about not being able to play…well, it put both of us in sour moods, so we said to hell with it and went and watched some movies.
Sunday went ok, considering. We had a Bonfire to go to out in Fowlerville, and we decided to take the puppy with us, throw a couple of air mattresses and blankets in the back of the OWNO van, and camp out for the night. Well, on the highway, we didn’t make it to Howell and we blew a piston rod, blowing smoke and oil everywhere. As we were coasting to a stop on the off ramp, smoldering and banging, we were just thankful that we were ok; that could have ended up a lot worse than it did. We got our stuff, the dog, and our guitars out of the van, and waited for mom and dad to come pick us up and then called a towtruck, and had to wait for that too. Through all that though, I never lost face and I didn’t let it get me down. In fact, for once, I was more optimistic than mom. When we finally got home, we said to hell with it, hopped in the truck and continued on down to Debbie’s. We had a pretty good time there, came home sometime around three and fell asleep, happy and wound in eachother. J
Monday was great, we slept in and cuddled and watched movies, took a shower (together…) did some yard work, cleaned and closed the pool for winter, organized the garage, played backgammon, ran around with our puppy, went for a cruise, and went to mom and dad’s for euchre and dinner. We even managed to play guitar a little; just three songs, but they went great and we were both smiling and laughing when they were over. He wouldn’t let me do any housework or cooking yesterday; he maintained that it was Labor Day, and I deserved a day off too. (I guess) We stayed up in bed, I reading a book and he watching tv until we both fell asleep, my head on his chest so I could fall asleep to the music of his heart beating.
Today is going ok, except for:
I paid my phone bill, but now my phone is shut off. (WTF??!!)
I’m getting my car back today, which is finally fixed…..but it’s sat there so long, the battery is dead.
Ack. I also have to go over to my old house tonight and clean, but I really really don’t want to. Gotta for a little while though, hopefully the car will make it there and back…we’ll see. Good thing though, I get to leave work an hour earlier to get there in time to pick up my car, so it will be nice to get home half an hour early and surprise Bob. J I can’t wait to smooch him; we were a little rushed this morning, I forgot to give him a goodbye kiss.

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p.u.l.s.e [31 Aug 2006|04:28pm]
The past few weeks have been a turmoil of events. I'm not even going to begin listing them all off, that would just be pointless. I don't even know where to begin.

Last Friday, Bobby and I got a puppy. He's a 3 month old Pit Bull named Riley, and he's tan brindle, and beautiful. He's extremely well behaved, loves to play, loves his ducky, and loves his new mommie and daddy, and his new sister Lucca. He came home with his other "brother" from the same shelter, Ozzy, who went home with Bob's parents. Ozzy is half Rottie and half Shepherd, and is only 6 weeks old. He looks more like a little Woolly Bear Caterpillar than a puppy, and makes it about 5 feet before falling asleep. Lucca is livid. We have to spend so much time with Riley so that he's trained well and obedient; we even enrolled him in puppy socialization classes through our vet, and then puppy obedience classes through PetSmart. This is going to be fun. :)

I have realized that I have been here at my job for about 5 months now, and have never taken any money out of any of my paychecks to go have any fun. Not to be selfish, but I never do anything for myself; I always give my extra money to Bob. Yesterday, I had saved what I thought was the remaining amount owed on my car, and went in to bust it out of mechanic prison. My mechanic then told me that I still owed $100 on it, and then I realized that at the same time Bob lost his job here at Tribar, I gave him that $100 so he'd have gas to go job hunting. For some reason, I still thought I paid it, and when I found out yesterday that I didn't all of my spirits were let down. This week has been very disappointing, in that it doesnt seem that I can do anything right. I'm scraping change just to make enough to give to my mother for the damn phone bill, and she still calls and demands in a very pissy voice that i need to call her, because her phone is shut off and this and that, blah blah woof woof. All people want from me anymore is money. I got paid today. My paycheck for the week is $304; it's always $304. Guess how much will be leftover? maybe $10, but I doubt it. And the sad part is, it's all going to disappear as soon as it's cashed, in about an hour. Ridiculous. I'm sick of it, I don't bust my ass for nothing, and that's exactly what it feels like. Why can't I ever get ahead? I'm ready to write my mother off again anyway, I can't handle her calling me crying every single FUCKING day that she misses me and she wants me and Rob to come over and this and the other thing, and then I waste a shit load of gas to go out there, thinking she'll leave me alone for a while.  Nope. Then she says that she'll never wench at me about my phone bill, as long as I pay it. Which I have. Every time. In full. No fucking matter what. What does she do? Bitch about what I'm doing on my phone, how I've downloaded another ringtone or subscribed to something that I want to subscribe to. Tell me if I'm right: should it not fucking matter if I'm the one paying it, anyway? What the fuck is the deal here? This isn't worth me stressing out about. I can't seem to go through a day without having really bad lung/heart/chest pains anymore; all I'm doing is stressing myself out to the point of a heart attack (apparently, i have one imminent.) and I can't afford that either. Wait! There's something I can spend money on for myself! Why, I can put myself in the hospital! Where I can spend thousands of dollars on my top notch health care, shitty hospital food, an automated bed, ugly nurses, crappy tv channels, and all the fucked up cardiac patients I could ever want to mingle with! What fucking fun!

I played hookie yesterday. I'm a bad bad girl. 

I laid in the shade reading a book with my dog all day outside, on a purple blanket on our dark green grass, in front of our blue house. I need a day to myself every now and then. Well, off I go to give all my hard earned money away! Hasta La-fucking-vista!

Oh yea, I'm still not smoking. Fucking

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Beg [29 Aug 2006|03:14pm]
Tristan...please, please. I am so sorry that I fucked up, but please let it go. I know you're still angry and I totally understand, but please, put it behind us, and let's be friends again. I want to look forward to us spending time together, the 4 of us, like we used to. This is even starting to wear on me and bob's relationship, and he's wishing it was all over, too. Please, accept my apology? I hope you even read it. :(

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Unique Survey [23 Aug 2006|02:50pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I found this survey that you have to answer using only names of songs from one band...

and of course...

I chose Metallica. =)
Are you male or female: One
Describe yourself: The Unforgiven...II
How do some people feel about you: Ain't My Bitch
How do you feel about yourself: Fixxer
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: Some Kind of Monster
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: Hero of the Day
Describe where you want to be: Wherever I May Roam
Describe what you want to be doing: Ride the Lightning, Whiskey in the Jar
Describe how you live: Holier Than Thou, The Struggle Within, The God That Failed
Describe how you love: Nothing Else Matters
Share a few words of wisdom: Don't Tread on Me

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For Tristan [21 Aug 2006|04:24pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Dear Tristan, 
Please don't be mad at Kid or Rob, but they had to tell me this past Saturday what you had found here on this journal, and how upset you are. I cannot express how deeply sad and terrible I feel that you found something like that. I can only imagine how you feel. But, as in all things, there is an explanation, and I think this is the only way that I think I have the guts to tell you.

For a long time, getting to know you and Kid was different, because Kid is so open and goofy and you're a bit more closed than he is. However, being that the other two were generally annoyed with you for a while, so was I. And I wrote about it, when I was. I never hated you; but there was a time where I didn't like you much, either. And I realized that the nicer I treated you, the nicer you treated me. Eventually, I think you and I finally broke the ice over the past two weeks or so, and have become friends, which (you can even ask Rob) made me so excited. I had so much fun at Dairy Queen with you, or watching the fireworks or riding around in your jeep or passing out flyers that one time. You really are a great person, and the more time I spent with you, the more I realized that. I mean, come on. I wouldn't have tried to hook you up with one of my best friends if I didn't like you; I simply wouldn't do that. However, as luck would have it, your random search that led you to my Livejournal dropped you smack dab in the middle of a bad entry, and I don't think you got the chance to see what I had later written about you, after you and I had become friends. When I looked back on my journal on a different computer, I realized why you were so upset: the date on a few of those entries puts them to recent, very recent. I would like to explain that when you update an entry on LJ, it imputs whatever date your computer date is set at on the computer you are using, even if it's wrong. That's when I realized that the date on my work console was horribly incorrect, and that when LJ realizes that the computer date and the actual date don't match up, it wont post an entry until the dates do match up. And of course, the dates on a few of those entries recently matched up, so naturally those would be the first entries that you would have found. Please, don't take them seriously. I am not trying to make excuses for myself; I know that what I said was wrong, and if there was a way I could take it all back, I would in a heartbeat. I've been going through a terrible time in my life right now, and I'm doing everything I can to not drag Rob, and consequently you and Kid, down with me. Quitting smoking has given me some crazy moodswings, and those entries were most likely written when whatever had pissed me off was fresh, otherwise I would never have been that ... voracious. Anyway, I didn't know how else to apologize to you, I didn't want to go to the show on Saturday because I was ashamed, and didn't know if I could face you. Especially when I wasn't supposed to tell you that I knew. I cheered extra loud for you though, (you played really awesome :) ) and tried to help you with the door...I know that doesn't solve anything, but I was still happy to see you, and blown away by your performance. I was just very sad that out of all three of you guys, you were the only one that I couldn't go up to and tell you how awesome of a job you did. 

Tristan, please, I know nothing I do can take back what I said, but please at least push it to the back of your mind. That was a while ago, and lately I've considered you a real friend, and a really fun guy to hang out with. I was just starting to get to know you better, too. Please, I can totally understand if you're pissed at me, and never want to speak with me again...but if anything, please don't let it wear on the band. I don't want to be the cause of you leaving, or any more tension. You guys are going too strong now, and I dont ever want to be the reason of disrupting that. Please, I was so proud of you Saturday night...can we still maintain a working relationship at the very least, and maybe build back up to being friends? Tristan, I truly admire you and respect you, and nothing of what I've said in the past still applies. Ask anyone, I feel so terrible about what's happened, and all I want to do is set it right. I know I've hurt you, and betrayed your trust, but is there ever a way you could find to forgive me? I'm truly sorry Tristan, and I hope I can work my way back up to being your friend, because you are someone that I am proud to know. :) 

Extremely, truly, sincerely, 
Tristan...I'm so sorry. 

~ Sari K

PS: When I wrote that when I found your wallet, evil thoughts ran through my head...I would just like to let you know that that was a comical statement, and I would never think of stealing from anyone, not even you.

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