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Still Breathing

Not a bad weekend, I don’t think. Not a bad one at all. In fact, I actually had fun. I think it’s one of the first times I’ve shoveled all the crap piling up in my life aside long enough for me to smile in a few months. I’m glad I let myself have fun; it will be easier now, if not just farther away.
I learned that because of the drama this weekend, I am no longer allowed to play with the band. Musically, my throat’s been cut. It’s done. Over. Nothing made me as happy as to play with those guys. Now it’s been taken away, and I took it for granted. Big double shows this weekend at Barnstormer’s, my favorite place to play besides Drinks. Don’t want to go, but I know I’ll have to. Just when they play Freebird, or Wish You Were Here, or Lonely Day or Brain Damage or Lunatic…I think I’ll lose it then. That or I think I’ll just take the less stressful way and go hide in the bathroom. Maybe I can convince a friend to be there to distract me during that particular set. Or someone with a dry shoulder that wouldn’t mind it soaked. Anyone want the job? Come on…anyone?
Yea, Me either.
Other than being told that, the rest went ok. Saturday was bittersweet: Rob was gone most of the day at a meeting in Detroit with the other two guys to discuss the Emergenza Tour, something they’ll be competing in next week. When he got home, we played a little guitar, but halfway through I lost heart, wondering what the hell was the point that I was practicing songs with him that I’m never going to get to do with them again. Naturally, I was playing just to play and have someone to play with, but as depressed as I was about not being able to play…well, it put both of us in sour moods, so we said to hell with it and went and watched some movies.
Sunday went ok, considering. We had a Bonfire to go to out in Fowlerville, and we decided to take the puppy with us, throw a couple of air mattresses and blankets in the back of the OWNO van, and camp out for the night. Well, on the highway, we didn’t make it to Howell and we blew a piston rod, blowing smoke and oil everywhere. As we were coasting to a stop on the off ramp, smoldering and banging, we were just thankful that we were ok; that could have ended up a lot worse than it did. We got our stuff, the dog, and our guitars out of the van, and waited for mom and dad to come pick us up and then called a towtruck, and had to wait for that too. Through all that though, I never lost face and I didn’t let it get me down. In fact, for once, I was more optimistic than mom. When we finally got home, we said to hell with it, hopped in the truck and continued on down to Debbie’s. We had a pretty good time there, came home sometime around three and fell asleep, happy and wound in eachother. J
Monday was great, we slept in and cuddled and watched movies, took a shower (together…) did some yard work, cleaned and closed the pool for winter, organized the garage, played backgammon, ran around with our puppy, went for a cruise, and went to mom and dad’s for euchre and dinner. We even managed to play guitar a little; just three songs, but they went great and we were both smiling and laughing when they were over. He wouldn’t let me do any housework or cooking yesterday; he maintained that it was Labor Day, and I deserved a day off too. (I guess) We stayed up in bed, I reading a book and he watching tv until we both fell asleep, my head on his chest so I could fall asleep to the music of his heart beating.
Today is going ok, except for:
I paid my phone bill, but now my phone is shut off. (WTF??!!)
I’m getting my car back today, which is finally fixed…..but it’s sat there so long, the battery is dead.
Ack. I also have to go over to my old house tonight and clean, but I really really don’t want to. Gotta for a little while though, hopefully the car will make it there and back…we’ll see. Good thing though, I get to leave work an hour earlier to get there in time to pick up my car, so it will be nice to get home half an hour early and surprise Bob. J I can’t wait to smooch him; we were a little rushed this morning, I forgot to give him a goodbye kiss.
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