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So this weekend wasn't so bad at all. :) It got a little weird for a while, but I think for once, I handled it well. :)

Friday night they played at Barnstormers. I picked up Josh on my way home from work so Rob could sleep a little bit after he'd gotten home. Since we blew up the OWNO van last week, we took Bob's dad's truck and put everything in that instead. It was easy, because Barnstormers was only about 10 minutes away for us. I don't know what we're going to do this weekend when we go to Detroit again, but we'll see. The show itself went alright. I don't think Bobby was too confident with his voice this time, but he pulled it through. Josh kicks ass with his new 6 string bass and his new amp, and Tristan was playing really great too. I made sure that I stayed in a great mood all night, and even though it made him uncomfortable, I made sure to talk to Tristan, as if nothing ever happened. At first, he blatantly ignored me. I would have been pissed, but I figure life is too short to be mad, so I didn't let it bother me. I think it bothered Rob though, because at somep point (he told me) that he had talked to Tristan and told him how hard I'm trying, and how he couldn't be mad at me forever. After that, he actually talked to me, (voluntarily!) and we actually carried on a conversation by the end of the night. I was so so so happy, I could have hugged him. Thankfully, I held back, because that probably would have done more harm than good, but I still wanted to. It was my own small victory on a night that I wasn't allowed to play, so that made me happy. I ran into about 4 or 5 people there that used to be very close to me that I haven't seen in about 3 years, so that was great, too. :) Then, there was this nasty, pasty looking drunk female that ran onstage TWICE while rob was playing, threw her arms around HIS neck, and said "kiss me, gimmie a kiss!" TWICE! WHILE HE WAS PLAYING! ACK! Thankfully (for Me) he acted completely indifferent, never stopped playing, never looked at her, but told her to get offstage. Some person that she was with told her not to do that again, because "that guy's girlfriend was watching, and it was rude." Hey - I didn't say it. :) I didn't even get pissed. Sure, my hackles rose when I saw some chick throw herself at my boyfriend, but then (lucky for Rob) I realized two things: a) she was drunk as HELL and hanging on EVERYONE there. By everyone, I DO mean EVERYONE. So it didn't bother me as much. And b) He's the most beautiful rockstar ever. :) (to me anyway) I understand that since he's the frontman of a band and he's drop dead gorgeous, women are GOING to be attracted to him. It's just gonna happen. And I need to realize that (lucky for me) he loves me enough that he's not affected by them, and that he "has eyes only for me." And that he's not ever going to advocate their advances. And (lucky for him) if he even think's about it, I'll be waiting for her with an aluminum baseball bat. :)

Anyway, all sarcasm aside, that night we went back to bob's and drank a little. We had Jason (Kid's oldest brother) and his roomate Rhett over, and we had a few beers and watched some TV. At some point, I remember being lifted to bed and cuddled with.

Saturday night's show got cancelled, and weren't exactly heartbroken over it. It was 65 degrees and rainy, so who the hell's gonna sit outside and watch a band? (Me) Who the hell's gonna actually play? (I would've.) Nonetheless, it was miserable out, so me and Bob had fun instead. He took me out to dinner, then we went to get some frozen custard at this new place in Brighton called Jack's. It was great! Then we went grocery shopping, got an oil change for the truck, and rented some movies. At some point, Kid came over, so we called some other people to come up, too, and party a little since the weather sucked outside. Unfortunately, none of those people ended up coming, so me, Kid, and Bob played a little drinking game that never got finished. At some point, (apparently) I passed out on the couch, and slept like a rock. That explains why I woke up with clothes yesterday morning. Hmmph.

Sunday was fun, we went out to breakfast with Kid, and then took him home. After that, Bob and I went next door to the parent's house to let out Riley's brother, Ozzie, since the entire family had gone to the Lion's game down in Detroit. Taking advantage of their absence, Bob and I spent a little "quality" time in the hot tub for a few hours, watching the football game and looking for them in the crowd. Afterwards, we went home and just lazed around for a while, and Bob made us dinner. It was a good day because it was the first day in a couple of weeks that I could take a full breath - and it didn't hurt.

This morning is exactly like the weekend - cold, and drizzly. I feel like crap today, but I'm in a good mood. I'm looking forward to going home, because I want to maybe play a little guitar and work on my studio a bit. Oh yea, one more thing that happened this weekend - we have another kitten! Lucca gave birth to two new little fuzzballs, one of which didn't make it past yesterday. The other seems to be doing well though, a miniature replica of our doofa. Bob is spellbound...and to think, this is the guy who says he didn't want kids? Give it a few years, we'll see. :)
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