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It has been cloudy/rainy for 4 days now. Everyone is sick because of the change of weather, except for me. I sit back in my leather office chair and watch everyone else around me drop like flies to various influenzas, common colds, and downright misery while I get paid to surf the net and update this thing, telling of their plight and my seemingly healthy visage...

Despite all that, I am in a relatively bubbly mood today. People ask how I am, I reply "carbonated." I was late to work again today, by an hour this time. I didn't remember my car keys sitting on Bobby's dashboard this morning, and when he leaves for work an hour before I do, that leaves me shit outta luck, because I have no spare keys. So I called our friend Jimmy who works at the same place I do. He's one of our best friends, and he was just getting off of work there anyway because he's third shift so he said he'd come and give me a lift. Needless to say, I showed up a little more goofy than I normally would have. I hate driving in the rain anyway.

Yesterday, we relaxed. I got home from work and cooked us dinner, a simple affair of mac n cheese and chocolate ice cream. I worked on OWNO's website for a while, then we went down to Ypsi to give a demo to one of the guys at the Wooden Nickel, a place that I've been telling the guys about for ages. Finally, me and Bob went down there, and nailed us a gig practically anytime we want, because the booking manager there has seen us a couple of times this summer at Barnstormer's. What he actually said was that our band got booked this summer there more than his did, so he was happy we came in. I tried to get a double show with my friend's band that plays up there alot, but he didn't seem too interested. Oh well, bully for us; just means we get a bigger cut of the cover charges and actual bar pay.

After leaving there, I decided to go to the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut express on the other side of town to get some kick ass breadsticks, a place that I used to go to everyday when I lived closeby. When we pulled into the parking lot though, it was like a hobo-crackhead reunion, and they were wandering everywhere all over the parking lot, digging in trashcans and bothering people in their cars as they went through the drive through. I mean, they were everywhere! And when we pulled in, a group of them started meandering our way, and kept coming even though we moved to like, 2 different spots. It was creepy as hell, looked like something out of Dawn of the Dead, the old one, because they were all ragged and tall and skinny, rob zombie facial hair, and they all kinda leaned to the left. And walked very slowly, all of them. It was weird. We settled for McDonalds.

Anyway, today I think I'm just going to go home and relax. I don't know if there's practice today. I think there is, because Emergenza is just a few days away, but Tristan's having his 14th root canal done today, so I hope he feels up to playing.

Oh! And apparently there's a war on manta rays, since the Steve Irwin dude got whacked by one. Australia coast guard is reporting a ton of dead manta rays found on the beach over the past week, all mutilated. They think it's angry or heartbroken fans retaliating against the death of the croc hunter, which is ridiculous because the dude was an animal activist. The last thing he'd want is a bunch of animals tortured in his name. Way to go, media. They've done it again...successfully villianizing a known docile and shy creature that has only fatally stung someone a documented 3 times, making it out like the thing had a vendetta out for Irwin. *smacks forehead*

Oh yea, we rented V for Vendetta. It was pretty damn good, but a little too political, in my eyes.
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