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There has been a turmoil of events lately, and I haven't found the time to make myself very avaliable to anyone, I'm sorry. I've had to sort a few things out. Don't worry, nothing with me and Bob! And I'm still alive, and still with a job. However...

My job position got cut. Lucky me, I live outta Detroit Motorcity, and I work for the auto industry, which is going bankrupt anywhere but Japan. So my company needs to cut costs, and thus cut my menial position. However, my boss, Bob Bretz, was nice to realize that I really needed to keep my job, and didn't want to settle for unemployment, so he offered me to come back on as a machine operator, for a couple of months. I agreed, and that's what I've been doing this past week, which is why I've rarely been on here. No air conditioned/heated office, leather chair, all the post-its I could dream of, and the internet. Nope, it's hot plastic and bitchy old people for me. Yay. Nice thing is, I only took a dollar pay cut, and I'm still making more than the average 20 year old, by far. Also, when business picks up again, I get to be promoted to a nifty new position they're training me for: Quality Technician/Supervisor. Fuckin bully for me. :) 17 bucks an hour, hells yea. Needless to say, Bob's very proud of his girl. :)

Then the band broke up. Everyone's attempts to kiss Tristan's ass didn't pay of - or did, depending on your point of view. He up and left and we all watched him go, then drank a shot to celebrate no more headaches. Jimmy Gheldolf, OWNO's original drummer will be either filling in for now, or joining permanantly again, so we'll see. They've already done one show, and without even practicing, it was so much more energy than Tristan could have ever conjured. It was lovely. :) And then the cops came and busted the party, which was lovely too.

My car is finally legal to drive - again. Hooray.

Friday, we went to the Peter Frampton concert at DTE where we had like 6th row center tickets. It was a great show, me and Bob, Kid, and Gheldolf went and met Mom, Dad, and Grandma there, who had even better tickets.  The best part was the very end, it was the last part of the last solo, and it was thundering some and lightning a little. All of a sudden, during While My Guitar Gently Weeps, there was a huge noice accompanied with a flash, and everything went dark. Then thunder. Then the bass and the drums kept going, and as all the emergency lights came on, we noticed that the entire PA System for DTE was blown out because lightning hit it. That was sweet.

Saturday, we visited my belligerent old mother, went to dinner with Mom, Dad, and Grandma, and had the first official original OWNO practice. :)

Today, we spent the day in Detroit at the Lions game. They lost, but I didn't care because the experience was great; it was my first NFL game. Rob's parents have season tickets right next to the field behind our goalpost, and I love the Packers too so they took me. Will post great pics of me and Bob enjoying the sights in Detroit, and cute Brett Favre ass. :) Went to dinner in Greektown, and had the best chicken ever. Came home, played with puppy. Enjoyed perfect autumn evening sunset together. Aw, shoo. Tomorrow's Monday again. Oh well, getting better at this work thing. I have my own car now and I get to leave work an hour earlier. It's nice. The band will be picking different night's to practice, although Bob has sweetly asked them to keep Thursday's free; Bob says we have special Thursdays, where the time seems to slow down for us instead of speeding up like any other time we get to ourselves. Plus, it was on a Thursday that we first hooked up, so he thinks it's a special day. AND it's payday. Ciao~
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