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This weekend was great. The week itself was hard though.

From standing out in the drizzle all last Friday night at the Frampton concert, and then roaming around a chilly Detroit on Sunday, Bob and I both came down with bad colds. After I began coughing up nothing but blood, Bob got worried and took me to the hospital. Again. Luckily, this time, they let me come home.  I had bronchitis borderlining on pnemonia, so Bob brought me home, made me go right to bed, and cooked dinner and filled my perscriptions for me. He's such a find. ^^ Now, we're both finally starting to get better, though it's been a long road.

For some reason, the auto industry in America has slowed down so much that my shop suddenly decided to shut down for two days, this past Thursday and Friday, so I ended up with a 4 day weekend. Not that I wanted one - naturally, us machine operators aren't paid for the time off, so my paycheck next week is going to SUCK. I enjoyed the time off best I could though, spending time with the puppy and cleaning our house. :) It was strangely relaxing, working my ass off in another way :) We went out to dinner at Mongolian BBQ and then got really fuckin' tanked. Plus me and Bob made amazing love that Friday night, so I guess it all paid off....^^

Saturday was our 6 month anniversary. We had a perfect day, we hung out with josh a bit in the early afternoon, and ended up going to Wal-Mart for shoping, and then to the outlet mall. I got yself a great new leather jacket from Wilson's that I absolutely adore, and Bob said it looked good on me, so let's hear it for the brownie points. :) We drove around a lot, spent a lot of time just talking and softly kissing each other. It really was a perfect day, and at the end of it, we got our asses kicked in euchre by his parents, and then went and got Josh and got kinda wasted. :)

Today was the most perfect autumn day. It was so sunny and beautiful, and tolerably warm but with the autumn chill still laced in the air. It was great! We drove around much of the day, went to Guitar Center for a bit, jammed with Cliff, and then went out to Garden City for a while. We came home, played with the puppy, had visitors, and now we're sitting here unwinding with a little Pink Floyd, thinking about killing the rest of this 5th of Captain Morgain Tattoo. ^^ Tha't's a Sari version of a perfect weekend anyway...
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