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It's been a long past couple of weeks, so please forgive my absence. Here's some highlights :

  • In order to obtain a much higher management position that shells out $16 bones an hour with my own private office, I have to undergo a trial period working as a machine operator to gain experience of the hands-on process of the plastic injection moulding technique. It sucks. The same two dudes that fired Rob are on me like shit on velcro, and are making my life a living hell. I haven't given in, but it's getting hard. Problem is, I can't do anything about it because anyone that fucks with those two assholes gets canned. So I'm stuck gritting my teeth and jamming to System really fuckin' loud.
  • The weekend before last, we had a pretty good sized party here, including such local celebs as My Friend Matt Who Used To Live Next To Me At The Shitty Apartment, his girl, a couple of people from work, Sideshow Jimbo, Kid, and I think a few others wandered in and out at some either case, I discovered the beauty of a Jager Bomb that night. I was promptly forcefed 7 beers, then preceeded on to 5 Jager Bombs, 3 shots of Whiskey, 3 shots of Bacardi, 2 shots of straight Jager, and 3 shots of Bacardi O. Within 2 hours. And I'm about 100 lbs soaking wet. Yea-hea, I was cooked. I ended up playing guitar, dropped on my head from "Jim-E Height" (about  6'5"), got my ass kicked in Euchre, kicked some ass in Hold Em', and still managed to get laid. ^ ^
  • Tristan The Douchebag had left the legacy that is OWNO. Thank fucking God. We were all getting sick of his bellyaching, and I've never seen Rob more relaxed. Problem, he went and changed the password to update the website,, and wouldn't give it to me, when I'm the goddamn webmaster. That's ok, being that he is no longer a part of OWNO, he's playing with a copyright lawsuit because the band's name and website was trademarked to the current members of the band and the website, and he belongs in neither category. Heh, fight fire with fire, I suppose. And Sideshow Jimbo is the band's new (old) drummer, and they'll be playing their first gig at a Halloween party in Whitmore on Sweetest Day. AND they're letting me play my set with them again, now that "Tristhtan Traffphord" isn't around. Rock On,
  • This Friday is Bob's 22nd birthday, and I'm having a huge party for him. I'm going to call it then "Sorta Surprise Birthday For Bob Because I Think He Might Suspect Im Going To Do Something Over The Top" which of course I am, he just doesn't know the half of it. :)
  • It snowed a few days ago. We had a few inches. A. Few. Fucking. Inches. Of. SNOW. On. My. Goddamn. Car. First. Goddamn. Thing. In. The. Morning. Not a fan.
  • Was supposed to go to the club tonight with a few friends from work, but a) Bob didn't wanna go b)The boys ended up jamming a little and c) Riley went to the vet tonight to get his last Puppy-Shot. And we have puppy class tomorrow night, yippies.
Beyond that, not a lot has been happening. Got a nifty new shotglass from the Hard Rock Cafe in Minneappolis. Came in handy the other night. Yesterday, Bobby and I took Riley to Kensington MetroPark to enjoy the beautiful fall weather on a great Sunday afternoon. Got lost in the woods where we promptly wandered around for 2 hours, while Riley chased a gaggle of wild turkeys. He wasn't afraid of water at all, and everyone cooed at him and told him how cute he was. Bob and I smiled at eacher like proud parents yesterday. ^ ^  I took Friday off as a personal day, so I could get my shopping done. I have to get cake supplies, because I'm making Bobby a Marble cake in the shape of his guitar, and then I have to drive to Lansing to get his gift. Thank God he's letting me use his truck. If I have time, I'm going to decorate the diningroom in black and red crepe paper and balloons, and have the house and his truck all cleaned. I'm so going all out, because my baby deserves it. ^ ^

Anywho, the boys just got done playing and Bobby went to get us some snacks and soda, so Imma go get off here and make myself sall sexy before he returns. I hope everyone has a good night!

And Bre, of course you're one of my interests. You have been many years now?
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