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.I.Got.Laid. ...(off)

Hello everyone. Again, a huge amount of space has elapsed since my last update, so i suppose I'd better relate to y'all the terms and conditions of why I'm still kickin'. But first!...a glimpse of recent events as I see it:
  • Michigan is in ruins; the economy is worst in the nation. So is our unemployment rate, our welfare rate, and our real estate values. In addition to that:
  • We (Michigan are home to the Big Three: General Motors, Ford, and Daimler Chrysler. All three are near bankrupt, Ford especially. They just cut over 75,000 jobs and shut down a bunch of plants including my boyfriend's father's plant. The plant that I work for, Tribar, does work for all three companies, and we're so slow now because vehicle sales are at a record low, that myself and 20 other people got laid off yesterday. So I'll be adding to that unemployment rate.
  • We had a little pick-me-up this last few weeks: The Tigers (formerly known as the Detroit Kittnes since the demise of the team after the 1968 World Series Champions) have gone to the World Series. And lost. Everyone in Detroit probably jumped off of the Ambassador Bridge to Windsor last night in a fit of suicidal rage. Thankfully, I don't live in detroit.
  • Bush ok'd it for Illegal Immigrants to come into the country, do jobs like I was being paid nicely to do at half the price, and then send all that money out of the country to their million kids across the border, sinking our country financially.
  • The suffering automakers continue to make huge SUV's, leaving the owners with a choice: fill their tanks or relieve the national debt.
Beyond that, Rob's birthday party last Friday night was a hit; a ton of our friends came over. He also had a lot of presents from us, good food, and an awesome guitar shaped birthday cake from moi. We've spent the entire week together, him and I. He's been super tired lately because his job's required him to work every day for the past two weeks without one off. I've had fun taking care of him and making sure he gets all the rest he needs. Next weekend, he wont have to work, and we're going up to Traverse City to visit my father for the weekend. Being laid off is going to be pretty cool for a while, basically because I'm still getting paid and I'm guaranteed a call back to work when the load picks up, so I'm going to concentrate on "Fall Cleaning" with the house, guitar, and working with the puppy, who is getting bigger every day. He's the cutest darn pitbull ever, and now he's looking at me, contemplating whether or not to tell me he's got to go potty or go by himself - on the living room rug in front of jimmy's drums. Hmm, looks like I'd better go. I'll talk to you all later -
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