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My eyes hurt...because it's far too early for me to be up. My arm hurts from playing guirar for hours last night at practice, my legs hurt from falling down the basement stairs, and my chest hurts from coughing. Why, oh why, can't I go back to sleep?

The up-north trip went really well. :) My stepmother and my father absolutely loved Rob, so the weekend thankfully was smooth. It was nice for Bobby so he could relax after 19 days at work, double shift, in a row.

Anyone vote yesterday? I decided that I wasn't informed enough on any of the proposals or candidates to articulate an intellegent vote. That means I was too busy/lazy to go do it, because I don't give a fuck anyway.

For the past two nights, the guys have come over to practice and have told Bob that they wanted me to practice too. So, for the past two day's while he's been at work, I've been busting my ass, learning every single cover and original song that they do, so that Monday night and last night, I really impressed Kid and Jimmy I think, and hopefully...well, I don't want to hope out loud, but maybe someday I can be more than just a special guest. Probably farfetched, but hey, I guess I can dream.

By the way, they've got a gig....They're (me too hopefully) gonna play a gig at Barnstormers on Wednesday, November 22. I think it's some sort of Thanksgiving Bash, but it's a big deal I guess, with a full bar and what not. Please come! Tickets are gonna be on sale ASAP for $20 or less, so BUY ONE and come keep me company...

I've had this same fucking cold in my chest for like two weeks now and Im really getting sick of it. :( All I do is cough, and my voice has sounded like an old woman's for far too long. No matter what I do, I can't shake it. I spent all of last week in a haze, hopped up on every kind of cold med I could find, but it only served to seriously impair my short term memory. Bah.

Goin to the movies tonight. Dad and Bob are going to see Saw III, and I've been invited. I want to go just so I don't get left out, but I really really don't want to go see that movie so If there's anyone out there who would like to meet me at the theater tonight and save my ass, let me know!

Other than that, I'm going to go attempt to stick pipe cleaners down my bronchial tubes. If I look like a really bad christmas ornament later, you'll know why......peace.
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