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Somnambulance: living in sleep-walk mode

Sari, Your Imaginary Friend
17 February
So this is the new and improved me, on my new and improved LJ. There has been so much shit going on lately, but I’ve come through it all better and stronger than before. I live in a beautiful three bedroom house that’s been newly remodeled with a huge pool and three acres. My best friend and boyfriend, Rob, was nice enough to share his home with me, and together we made it ours. We have a kitten, Lucca, and we both play in Rob’s band, OWNO. I play guitar for him in his band and for my own independent projects, and I also do tattoo design and auto/guitar detailing on the side of my full time job. I work as a computer systems analyst and secretary for a company in the area, where I have made many new friends and new interests. I love taking naps in my Bob’s arms, performing gigs, laughing, and smelling flowers, and spending quiet rainy afternoons side by side with Rob while we’re both drawing. I also love watching movies, getting occasionally drunk, playing cards and video games. I’m an optimist, a pessimist, a skeptic, a riot, an enigma, a blast, a good time, and a good show. I’m also a wonderful lover, a good mood, a great friend, a good conversationalist, an even better listener, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, and soon to be a mother. I’m also the webmaster for OWNO’s website, soon to be back up from construction, and I love taking pictures. I don’t like rude people, black licorice, sand in my shoes, or my butt, but I’ve let my hair down from it’s perpetual ponytail now and I think it’s awesome. 
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