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Nasal Decongestant, cough supressant, pain relief, headache relief. relief from cleaning the house? Aw hell no. But the first four really count, and when taken in excess, can turn any non-drowsy pill into the next narcotic addictive sleeping pill. *yawns* I got fed up this morning when I woke up and couldnt breathe again (bronchitis...again), so I walked over next door to Rob's mom's house, and raided the medicine cabinet. The woman must run a CVS or a Walgreen's or something, because she had EVERYTHING. Couldn't decide what to take and every box looked the same, so I took two of everything, and some pepto to boot. Feelin' kinda noodle-y right now but other than that...So how was everyone's halloween? I must apologize to anyone who tried to get ahold of me last night: Rob's been working for over two weeks straight, and double shifts on the weekend. Last night they kept him for another double shift, making him miss Halloween. When he got home, he had my cold, and I sent him straight to bed because he had to be up at 3 a.m. to work again. Weird hours, but anyway, I ended up going to bed with him because I was so sick, and that was somewhere around 7:30, so I'm sorry everyone.:(  I got up at one this morning with him because he just coudn't sleep anymore. We had middle-of-the-night lovemaking and ate snacks in bed until he had to get up to go. It was nice, but sad to see him go so early. It was like someone turned the heat button on my bed to "off", which sucked. Stretching out across the entire bed and not having to worry about it; priceless.

So for weeks I've wanted coffee, but couldn't afford it. Rob brought me home coffee, which I preceded to put in my little "coffee" labeled canister, only to discover that I had coffee all this time, and didn't know it. I feel like a doof....

Went to Necto Monday night for the first time. I met a lot of nice people, but I don't know if the Industrial club scene is really for me. About a year ago: yea, definately my jam, but now I'd just rather sit in a comfy old bar (like Drinks Saloon in Brownstown) and have a beer. I had Rob pick out my clothes for me to wear, which was pretty cool actually. He's got good taste. So, with me in a black skin tight shirt with holes cut in it, a camo miniskirt, and kneehigh leather boots, I was definately feeling like part of a crowd. My friends Robin and Matt from work were there, so that was fun. Robin was absolutely gorgeous in a costume that she picked up in Flint, and mad had a long black and red velvet cape. :) Bre showed up just as we were leavin', so we decided to stay a while more after she showed up. I met this guy named Ryan who was pretty cute and very polite; this guy named Panda who gives the most wonderful backscratches and hugs, this guy named Yoda who was just really happy; a bunch of really big black bouncer guys that turned out to be teddy bears in disguise; Brett and Cody Bartrum, two guys that work there that I used to hang out with a lot in middle school that lived down the street from me; and Stoner! I was so happy to see my stoner there, and we finally exchanged numbers and stuff, and blah blah. It was fun, I guess, and they were playing a lot of good music. Robin and I had fun on the pole :) Rob had fun watching. Oh yea! We also ran into one of Rob's ex girls, which was definately an experience. Apparently he dumped her for whatever reason or not, but she was just like almost every other goth girl there: massively overweight wearing a corset that would be tight on me, and lots of black makeup. All fat goth girls look exactly alike, that's sad. Bre was hot though, definately loving the new hairstyle. I hope you keep that one honey, it looks so hot!

Anyway, beyond that, I've reached day # 3 of being laid off. I'm bored. I don't like to sleep in but I do anyway. Something is wrong with our huge stereo and I have to fix it, and the puppy chewed my Y cable so I can't hook my comp up to it anyway. And we're two days away from going to my dads. This oughta be a treat. :)  Ciao~
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